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An author's needs can be as varied as the styles for each writer. Some may need only grammar, punctuation, and formatting; others will also need continuity and fact-checking; still others will need developmental editing which may include general rewrites or outright ghost writing. And then there are those who need ... well, they're not exactly sure what they need.
My talents:
Like most editors, I can fill the bill for the basic needs of most authors. What makes me stand out from my peers? An uncanny ability to help others look good, or at least better. I can take basic writing and fashion it into something exceptional. If you need a ghost writer, I will discover your inner voice and put your thoughts into words you would write for yourself if only you could. To date, I have two novels and a memoir to commend my ghost writing talents. Some special skills developed during years of executive secretary duties: transcription, document preparation, organization, time management, attention to deadlines. Enhance these skills with solid experience in word processing of massive documents, desktop publishing, general graphic design, business writing. Top it off with generous vocabularies in education, medicine, law, science, history, and esoteric ephemera. Oh, I almost forgot: humor. Loads of it!
Our collaboration:
I thought my strongest skills were with non-fiction. I have been informed by my authors I need to change my website to say I belong in developmental editing, especially in ghost writing. I want to assist authors who have great ideas for writing projects but just can't seem to get beyond the initial stages. Perhaps some of the text is handwritten in journals, loose pages of word processing, hard copy documents with no digital back-up, maybe even mini-cassette audio tapes. I want to get you past these frustrating bits and pieces and into a working document that looks like what you've had in mind all along.

Most of what you need to know about me is on these website pages. Look it over, see if what I offer is what you want, and then let's talk about it ... and start getting things done! 
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