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Your Needs

As an author, your needs can be as varied as the styles of the written word. You may need only grammar, punctuation, and formatting; perhaps you will also need continuity and fact-checking; or maybe you need developmental editing which may include general rewrites or outright ghostwriting. And then there are those of you who need ... well, you're not exactly sure what you need. 

You may need help with transcribing minutes (verbatim or summarized). Or perhaps something like a virtual assistant, working long distance but giving the impression of a fully-staffed home office.

My Talents

What makes me stand out from my peers? Possessing an uncanny ability to help others shine, I will take your basic writing and fashion it into something exceptional. As a ghostwriter, I will strengthen your inner voice and put your thoughts into words that will seem as if they flowed directly from you. 

Building upon decades as an executive administrator and desktop publisher, I've accrued 14 years' experience as a virtual assistant. All of that is topped off with generous vocabularies in education, medicine, law, science, history, and esoteric ephemera. 

Our Collaboration

I discovered my strongest skills are in developmental editing, especially in ghostwriting, assisting authors who have great ideas for writing projects but just can't seem to get beyond the initial stages. If your text is handwritten journal entries, loose pages from word processing, hard copy documents with no digital backup--maybe even tapes--I will help meld these frustrating bits and pieces into a working document that reads as you imagined it would. It will be what you've had in your mind all along. Our collaboration will get you to the finished product. 

Let's get it done!


I have completed four self-published books and two unpublished manuscripts.  

Please contact me for references from authors with whom I've worked.

The following are resumes and a list of completed projects.  


Can't wait to hear about your project!

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